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Every business problem requires a unique solution. Every business is different. While that is not a particularly revolutionary statement, it often gets overlooked in the training and consulting world. Many of the larger training and consulting organizations would have you believe that their "canned" training programs and business models cover all business situations and environments. That is simply not true! Yes there are benchmark organizations that can be emulated under certain circumstances. And yes, there are best practices that can be analyzed for applicability to your organization. But in most cases, your business faces a unique set of requirements and constraints that business modeling and canned training fails to adequately address. Our niche is in creating unique cost and time sensitive training and business solutions for our and training that is targeted for your specific needs. Our training and consulting professionals have been selected from diverse industry segments. Our consultants are seasoned business leaders with a wealth of real world, hands-on experience in dealing with actual business situations and issues.

If you have been less than satisfied in the past...

It might be time to call the Consulting Alliance Group, INC.. We have been serving industry, government, and university clients for over ten years. No more searching for topics experts that can relate to your specific needs. No more generic training that fails to address real world issues. Now you can get professional business, technical, and engineering training and consulting from professionals who have done it for a living in competitive business environments just like prices that won't blow your budget. We have assembled a team of over 80 internationally recognized business and technical professionals, authors, and lecturers...experts from numerous industries and disciplines to bring you the results-oriented training and consulting that you need to enhance your business and product development activities. We can address your specific operational, engineering, and manufacturing applications and questions, show you how to apply proven tools and techniques, and teach you how to work proactively versus reacting to the dynamics of the industry and markets.

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PBS - The Business and Technology Network

and FTN - The Federal Training Network
where panels of industry executives, business and technology experts
discuss the latest trends and technologies driving your business sector.




CAG's project teams are dedicated to the principle of judiciously providing quality services that conform with the expectations of our customers in an ethical, efficient, and professional manner. Our project team members are carefully selected to ensure they honor that mission.

CAG's management has not encumbered our firm with a multitude of specialists which add to our overhead, and consequently, our project cost structures. CAG judiciously utilizes the services of hand-picked executive consultants who have a demonstrated expertise in the fields associated with each of the projects we undertake. These executive consultants are called in on projects on an "as needed" basis, allowing our customers to interface with a lean, agile team that is able to be highly responsive, creative, and open-minded to the expectations of each of the projects awarded to our organization.

CAG's unique organizational structure is specifically designed to provide our customers with...

  • An experienced, professional project manager who retains the authority and responsibility to resolve all project issues locally in an expeditious manner.

  • A responsive network of technical and business professionals with extensive project experience from a multitude of industry venues combined into one synergistic project team.

  • An interactive approach to reaching consensus with customer representatives on issues of a critical nature to the project.

  • An integrated product development (IPD) project methodology recognized by PMI and numerous governmental agencies as the leading-edge approach to effective project management for both the product and service sectors.

We provide our customers with a winning combination of professional project management, cost-conscious solutions to project issues, and measurable results that meet, and often exceed each customer's expectations.

If you need help in meeting your project requirements, please allow us to be of assistance. Just give us a call at 561-758-2427.

The Consulting Alliance Group, Inc.
600 South US1 Ste. 110
Jupiter, FL 33477


Phone: 561-758-2427

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