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Concept to Customer: Portfolio, Pipeline, and Strategic Project Management gives a broad, comprehensive perspective of project management, covering the entire concept-to-customer cycle of complex strategic projects. Novice and seasoned project managers alike will gain insight into real-world, practical applications from the author's more than 40 years of hands-on experience with world-class multinational organizations. The techniques explained are proven, the approach sound, and the results measurable and significant. Case studies have been taken directly from the author's client files. They illustrate the application of various project management strategies, as well as strategic and tactical planning tools. A step-by-step approach, supported by tools, techniques, and examples, is used to illustrate each important aspect of project management.




Situational drivers within the workplace and external drivers that influence the business environment often combine to create unique challenges for leaders. The tools and techniques discussed in Walking the Talk: Moving into Leadership provide the aspiring and experienced manager with the basics needed to successfully traverse the corporate minefields of today's fast-paced organizations.



Mike Termini's latest book, Strategic Project Management is now available through SME. Be sure to get your copy. It covers all vital aspects of project and risk management required under PMBOK.

Watch for Mike Termini's
latest book, Management Skills for the Technical Professional, to be available soon through SME.


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Women in Management...
Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Real Women - Real Issues

  • Televised on PBS The Business and Technology Network
  • Do all women see the issues surrounding the glass ceiling in the same way?
  • Do women with tenure see business issues and opportunities differently than their younger counterparts?
  • Has business really changed when it comes to opportunities for women at all levels in management?

Join our panel of professional women to find out.



Innovations in Business and Industry

The following list is also available on video tape or CD-ROM from PBS The Business and Technology Network and from FTN:

The PBS Business Channel

  • Innovation in Customer Service...
  • Innovations in Telecommunications...
  • Innovations in
    Organizational Transition...

  • Innovations in Software Design and Development...

FTN - Federal Training Network

  • Organizational Change Management

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